White Blend, 2018

Ricca Terra





Ricca Terra Farms 'Bronco Buster' 2018


The wine's story

Australia is best known for a relatively small handful of grape varietals, which have flourished over the past century or so, and have formed the backbone of the country’s wine identity. However, r... read more

Sommelier notes

A bunch of Mediterranean white grape varieties are used to make this wine....none of them particularly famous, but I feel like that is some of the wine's appeal. There's a bloke out in the middle o... read more

Food pairings

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More Info

Cellar Period: 3-5 years - This will improve over the next few years, but don't be afraid to open it today!

Alcohol Level: 12.50%

    • Pairings
    • Basil
    • Raw Fish
    • Filipino
    • Goat's Cheese
    • Picnic
    • Production Methods
    • Indigenous Yeast
    • Alcoholic Fermentation
    • Tastes
    • Tangy
    • Light
    • Fruity
    • Unique
    • Seasons
    • Summer
    • Moods
    • Contemplative
    • Oak
    • No