Pinot Noir, 2014

Le Fou





Le Fou Madman Pinot Noir 2014


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The wine's story

With a name like ‘Le Fou’, which is French for ‘the madman’, you know you’re going to be in for some surprises when it comes to this winery. Apparently, the name was inspired by the fact that you’d... read more

Sommelier notes

Pinot Noir has its ancestral home in Burgundy – a small but prestigious area that contains some of the world’s most famous vineyards. Cool and fickle weather means ripening the grapes is not always... read more

Food pairings

This is an unusually intense Pinot Noir, packed full of berry flavours and savoury notes. It’s a sunny wine from a sunny location, and as such, can stand up to slightly more robust flavours than we... read more

More Info

Cellar Period: 3-5 years - This will improve over the next few years, but don't be afraid to open it today!

Alcohol Level: 13.00%

    • Pairings
    • White Meat
    • Seafood
    • Cheese
    • Production Methods
    • Alcoholic Fermentation
    • Tastes
    • Light
    • Seasons
    • Summer
    • Moods
    • Excited
    • Oak
    • No