Cabernet Franc, 2016






Fiegl 'Villa Dugo' Cabernet Franc


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The wine's story

Italian wines are rich in history and fascinating features, and none more so than those on the borders of the country, where different cultures come together and share their wine styles and heritag... read more

Sommelier notes

Cabernet Franc is the lesser-known cousin of Cabernet Sauvignon, and produces wines that are similar in style, yet subtly different.

The fruit spectrum is certainly the same - blackberry, blue plum,... read more

Food pairings

Cabernet Franc is a brilliant wine for pairing with food. Rich yet balanced, flavourful yet medium of body, it’s the ideal wine for matching with a massive range of savoury dishes. It’s especially ... read more

More Info

Cellar Period: 5-10 years - This wine is excellent now, and will hold up really well over the next decade.

Alcohol Level: 13.00%

    • Pairings
    • Braised Beef
    • French Cuisine
    • Grilled Vegetables
    • Antipasti
    • Ham
    • Rustic French Cuisine
    • Production Methods
    • Alcoholic Fermentation
    • Tastes
    • Crisp
    • Fruity
    • Seasons
    • Summer
    • Autumn
    • Spring
    • Moods
    • Adventurous
    • Creative
    • Oak
    • French Oak