Fiano, 2017

Cragg Cru





Cragg Cru Fiano 2017


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The wine's story

There’s something brilliantly refreshing about Cragg Cru - and we’re not just referring to their gorgeously crisp white wine. This is a company which has thrown itself headfirst into the modern, yo... read more

Sommelier notes

Fiano is a firm favourite amongst Wine Gallery cognoscenti, and this one dials it up to 11!
A rich, ripe vintage in Langhorne Creek delivered Fiano fruit full of flavour and texture - this wine has ... read more

Food pairings

Fiano is quickly growing in popularity among foodies and wine lovers alike, and it isn’t difficult to understand why: this is a grape which makes incredibly food-friendly wines, and which works bri... read more

More Info

Cellar Period: 3-5 years - This will improve over the next few years, but don't be afraid to open it today!

Alcohol Level: 13.00%

    • Pairings
    • Seafood
    • Italian
    • Creamy Pasta
    • Fish
    • Production Methods
    • Alcoholic Fermentation
    • Tastes
    • Crisp
    • Tangy
    • Fruity
    • Unique
    • Seasons
    • Spring
    • Cooler Months
    • Moods
    • Adventurous
    • Creative
    • Bored
    • Oak
    • French Oak