Tempranillo, 2014

Azul y Garanza





Azul y Garanza Abril 2014


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The wine's story

It takes a bold vintner to attempt making wine in the arid, parched deserts of Spain. Luckily, the region of Navarre is full of courageous people, each with a particular passion for the traditional... read more

Sommelier notes

I’ve just discovered the wines of Azul y Garanza, but am falling for them pretty quickly.
Their vineyards are in Navarra in the north of Spain, and the grapes are organically grown, without pesticid... read more

Food pairings

The fairly full body of this Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon blend is going to be able to do battle with some serious punches of flavour on your palate, so don’t be afraid to ramp up the spice a... read more

More Info

Cellar Period: 5-10 years - This wine is excellent now, and will hold up really well over the next decade.

Alcohol Level: 13.90%

    • Pairings
    • Italian
    • Antipasto
    • Production Methods
    • Organic
    • Alcoholic Fermentation
    • Tastes
    • Earthy
    • Seasons
    • Spring
    • Moods
    • Bored
    • Oak
    • American Oak