Tim Smith Viognier 2015

Barossa Valley - Australia

Tim Smith Viognier 2015


Grape TypeViognier
Vintage Year2015
Wine MakerTim Smith Wines
SweetnessBone Dry
TanninLow Tannin
Chardonnay's wild, edgy little brother. Creaminess mixed with spice.
FoodVeggies, Lots of herbs

This wine's story

Tim's story started, like many, with a bottle of wine and a dream. It was the 80s and Tim was a young man. He was sipping on a bottle of local red. It was a special moment, because he decided then and there he would make wine!

He earned his stripes as a cellar hand at Yalumba. It was here he started to perfect his trade. Earning a wine science degree and winning a Winemaker Exchange Scholarship as part of the Barossa Valley/Rhone Valley Winemaker Exchange Program. Tim launched his first vintage in 2002 and hasn't looked back since.

Viognier has a great aromatic taste, with a bit more density in flavours than other whites. You can match it with foods that have lots of flavour in them, such as many ethnic or exotic foods (think Middle Eastern, African, Peruvian). It also does a great job with heavier vegetable dishes without overpowering them, such as eggplant or sun-dried tomatoes.

Sommelier Notes

A wine of intrigue and paradox – weighty, yet delicate; full bodied, yet fresh. Viognier is capable of such a wide spectrum of flavours, and this one is more ginger, apple and herbs than any upfront tropical fruits. It’s sturdy, as in built for comfort rather than speed, but has a lovely slippery feel. Plenty of flavour here.