Murdoch Hill Chardonnay 2015

Adelaide Hills - Australia


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Grape Type Chardonnay
Vintage Year 2015
Wine Maker Murdoch Hill
Body Light
Sweetness Bone Dry
Tannin Low Tannin
Acidity Low
Chardonnay is the blonde bombshell of the wine world. Often creamier or fruitier.
Food White Meat, Fish, Veal
Tastes Rich
Seasons Winter
Moods You'll know when

This wine's story

Nestled in the heart of the Adelaide hills, you’ll find the old family farm of Murdoch Hill. Since 1939, the family in charge of this traditional Australian winery have worked with the beautiful fertile soil of the region, and in 1998, they turned over a significant section of their land to producing characterful, bold wines which express the very best of this stunning part of the country.

Today, the winemaking is overseen by Michael, the young maverick of the Family. After touring the wine capitals of the world, and gaining experience in the world famous Italian region of Barolo (famous for producing some of the finest red wines on earth), he returned to his ancestral home to bring his knowledge back to the family, and mix the old with the new to make some of the most exciting wines to come out in recent tines.

Murdoch Hill wines are made from carefully selected, hand pruned grapes, and made from small, high quality batches to ensure every bottle is as packed full of character as possible.

Chardonnay wines are a great match for many different foods, but work best when drank on a sunny day with a rich fish dish, accompanied by a crisp, fresh salad, or with fine white meats like veal.

Sommelier Notes

Murdoch Hill Chardonnay hails from three vineyard sites in the Adelaide Hills – namely Woodside, Lobethal and Piccadilly Valley. Winemaker Michael Downer shapes a wine of silky texture and exceptional vitality from this range of complementary sites. This vintage produces a moreish, vibrant Adelaide Hills Chardonnay with lovely pulpy fruit and a juicy, crunchy finish. It's an excellent introduction to the style and quality emanating from this invigorated Adelaide Hills estate.