Millaman Condor Carmenere 2013 WS

Central Valley - Chile


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Grape Type Carmenere
Vintage Year 2013
Wine Maker Millaman
Body Medium
Sweetness Bone Dry
Tannin Low Tannin
Acidity Low
This hidden gem grape type is almost exclusively found in Chile, and rich complex wine with flavours of dark chocolate, delicate tobacco and black plums.
Food BBQ, Grilled Meat
Tastes Bitter, Rich
Seasons Cooler Months
Moods Relaxed

This wine's story

In 1946, in the shadow of WWII, José Canepa set out to start a new life growing grapes on the other side of the world. He settled on the rich soils of Curicó Valley. And his hard work paid off. He accomplished his dream.. and then some. Today his daughters run what has become one of Chile’s most state-of-the-art wineries.

But they haven’t forgotten their roots. The name Millaman comes from the Mapuche indigenous communities in Chile and translates into 'Golden Condor'. The Condor is a symbol of Chile and the Andes Mountains and was chosen to reflect the strong bond that exists between their wines and the origin of the land.

Carmenere with its slightly capsicum style flavour will help you taste what is meant by ‘green wines’. Its medium bodied style makes it a good match for lighter red meats like lamb. Especially when they are matched with green sauces. Link to a recipe for Lamb and Salsa Verde below:

Sommelier Notes

The Carmenere grape may not be familiar to Australians, but it is the most famous grape in Chile! Originally indigenous to France, it was planted in South America over 100 years ago. Whereas Argentina favoured Malbec, the Chileans pinned their hopes on this variety. Of similar weight to Cabernet Sauvignon or Malbec, it is a rich complex wine, with flavours of dark chocolate, delicate tobacco and black plums. The wine doesn’t see any oak but carries a lovely mid-palate richness.