Mi Terruño Uvas Malbec 2014 WS

Mendoza - Argentina


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Grape Type Malbec
Vintage Year 2014
Wine Maker Mi Terruno
Body Medium
Sweetness Bone Dry
Tannin Medium Tannin
Acidity Medium
Malbec is not only Argentina’s most widely grown grape, it is a great value dark red wine that can stand up to, in terms of flavour, with the other bold reds, Cab Sav and Shiraz.
Food White Meat, BBQ, Grilled Meat
Tastes Bitter, Rich
Seasons Cooler Months
Moods Relaxed

This wine's story

Nestled amongst the San Roque district of the Maipu province in Argentina, the winery has been run by this proud Mendozan family since 1978.

Today winemaker Maria Balgorria and her brother Gabriel continue the family mission to expose the high-quality wines of Argentina to the globe, and boy are they succeeding. Their name Mi Turrano translates to “my terror” and was chosen to reflect the unique place of origin of their land and the people who work there.

Malbec doesn’t have as long a finish as the other bold reds (like Shiraz or Cab Sav). Meaning it won’t stick around scraping the fat flavours off the roof of your mouth. So leaner red meats or dark white meat can be an excellent option.

Sommelier Notes

Malbec is such an appealing variety - a mélange of violet, cherry and plummy fruits, imbued with tangy acidity and an earthy, meaty undertow.

This wine gets the balance spot on, with low oak usage to keep away from the nutty, roasted tones that can weigh it down, and allowing the fruit to shine.

From a vineyard high in the mountains (700m above sea level), this is both plush and juicy, and is a perfect introduction to the style of Mendoza.