Mengoba Brezo Tinto 2014

Bierzo - Spain


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Grape Type Mencia
Vintage Year 2014
Wine Maker Mengoba
Body Medium
Sweetness Bone Dry
Tannin Medium Tannin
Acidity High
Spain's lesser known, but incredibly versatile grape is found growing in high altitude vineyards, producing fruity but freshly acidic red wines.
Food Pizza, Italian, Antipasto, Heavy Pasta, Saucy Dishes
Tastes Salty
Seasons Autumn
Moods Creative, Always A Winner

This wine's story

Sometimes the answer is staring right at you and you keep missing it. For years, the high altitude of the Bierzo region in Spain and its difficult accessibility for modern machines caused its potential to be overlooked.

Then comes along maverick French winemaker Gregory Pérez, who saw through the difficulties to the true potential that the high altitudes and rich soil provided for growing grapes. Not only that, but he saw the potential in the forgotten indigenous grape varieties of the region: Godello and Mencia.

Today, Pérez has created a modern masterpiece of a winery. He adheres to strict organic principals and you know what he does to solve that pesky problem of difficult accessibility for modern machines? He plows the old fashion way, using cows.

Nice and acidic with rich fruit flavours means it is a great food wine. Pair it with meats with acidic sauces or marinades.

Sommelier Notes

In Spain, the main red grape is certainly Tempranillo. Grenache (known as Garnacha in some parts) would be second. Coming in third, many would say, is the lesser known but incredibly versatile Mencia. This grape is found in the high altitude vineyards of Bierzo, in Spain’s north-west. Closer in style to classic Sangiovese, this has plenty of rich raspberry fruit, backed up by savoury notes of charcoal and clay. Freshness is achieved through the height of the vineyards and the amazing slate soils in the region