Magpie Estate Schnell Shiraz/Grenache 2011

Sydney - Australia


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Grape Type Red Blend
Vintage Year 2011
Wine Maker The Wine Gallery
Body Full
Sweetness Bone Dry
Tannin Low Tannin
Acidity Low
Food Hot & Spicy, BBQ, Roasted Meat
Tastes Rich
Seasons Winter
Moods Any and all

This wine's story

Magpie Estate was born of a desire to bring some of the finest wine styles in the world down under. The winemakers, Rolf Binder and Noel Young (themselves from opposite ends of the world), take their inspiration from France’s Loire Valley - one of those wine regions that fully deserves the adjective ‘legendary’ - and apply similar techniques as are found their in Australia’s great valley: Barossa. By bringing the noble grape varietals of Shiraz, Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon and others to the rich, fertile soils of the Barossa Valley, they allow the true fruit characteristics of these grapes to come forward, and blended together, create wines of exceptional character.

Binder and Young aim for vibrancy, style and elegance in their wines, and reflect these aims with their own unique sense of humour. The bottles are decorated with beautiful, quirky designs, and a fair few of them take their names from the cult movies of Russ Meyers. All in all, Magpie Estate is a winery of personality, fun and vibrancy, while maintaining a respect for the historic roots of their wines.

Grenache and Shiraz is one of the great Australian blends, and brings together the lightness of the Grenache grape with the body and structure of Shiraz. As such, it is a fantastic wine to pair with heavy, smoky, even slightly spicy foods which have an emphasis on charred and roasted meat. Think barbeques, Mexican dishes of spiced minced meat, and slow roasted joints of beef.

Sommelier Notes

The Barossa Valley is a warm place, and often produces wines of intimdating richness, sometimes step too far. In 2011, the year was cool and interspersed with rain, so the resultant wines showed a touch more freshness and elegance than usual.

This is still a juicy, warm, generous wine, filled with strawberry, dark plum and a hint of raisin and liquorice. Supple and full, with slightly chewy tannin on the finish. Warm and inviting, this shows off the heart of the Barossa.