Luke Lambert Crudo Shiraz 2015

Yarra Valley - Australia

Luke Lambert Crudo Shiraz 2015


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Grape TypeShiraz
Vintage Year2015
Wine MakerLuke Lambert
SweetnessBone Dry
TanninMedium Tannin
Shiraz in Australia is as deep and dark a red as you can get. Once you arrive at Shiraz, you have hit the end of the line in terms of power. Full bodied wines but still elegant!
FoodRed Meat, BBQ, Grilled Meat, Cheddar, Stewed Meat
MoodsAny and all

This wine's story

The world of wine is governed by age-old rules and regulations, traditions and conventions, and sometimes someone has to come along and rip the guidebook to shreds in order for progress to be made. Step up, Luke Lambert, a homegrown talent who cut his teeth in the world-beating Piemonte region of Italy, and brought the best of what he found there back to Australia, where he’s quickly becoming regarded as one of the best new vintners out there.

Lambert claims to make his wines by ‘feel’ - doing away with much of the fussy technicalities of winemaking, and keeping things as simple and earthy as he can. This means using wild ferments, long maceration times and old fashioned basket pressing, among a long list of other, rustic techniques that allow the quality of the soil and the spirit of the Aussie climate to come through in the glass. This is no gimmick, though - Lambert is on a mission to make the best wines he can, using great fruit grown on some of the country’s best land.

Australian Shiraz wines like this one pair fantastically with grilled or stewed red meats, and dishes with good, strong, tangy cheeses like mature cheddar.

Sommelier Notes

Luke Lambert is a Yarra Valley young gun, who has been crafting delicious wines or a number of years now. The Crudo is one of more recent additions to the range. Italian for ‘raw’, this wine is the embodiement of pure Syrah (Shiraz!) fruit – bright red raspberries, cherry and pomegranate, with tingling acidity to keep things refreshing. A lighter frame than some other examples, but exceptionally delicious.