Jules Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

Pays D'Oc - France

Jules Cabernet Sauvignon 2014


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Grape TypeCabernet Sauvignon
Vintage Year2014
Wine MakerJules Wines
SweetnessBone Dry
TanninLow Tannin
One of the world’s great grape varietals, prized for its full body, strong tannins and rich, complex flavours.
FoodBBQ, Roasted Meat, Steak, Braised Chops
MoodsContemplative, Romantic

This wine's story

Winemaker Julian Faulkner brings a bit of internationalist flair to the ancient and deeply traditional Provence region of France. Coming from Canada, he entered the wine world with a typically transatlantic optimism and drive, which he quickly put to work on his family’s land in Provence, and things have only gotten better from there. The idea behind Jules - Faulkner’s eponymous own label - is to create great wines, made with the highest quality fruits, which are designed for everyone to enjoy. Presenting himself as the socialist of viticulture, Faulkner is determined to overturn some of the stuffier, more pretentious attitudes present in his region. The solution as he sees it is to simply continue doing what people have done in Provence for hundreds of years; using time-honoured techniques, make the most of the beautiful land they possess, but remove the elitist attitudes and unreachable price tags that many of his neighbour’s wineries see as standard.

Part of this process has been to use - shock! - screw caps on his bottles (something which is seen as nothing short of sacrilege in much of France), which he believes is a cost effective, environmentally sound way of keeping prices realistic, and which even his critics admit has no negative effect on what is in the bottle. Jules wines are gaining fans all over the world, thanks to his radical approach which is coupled with a real reverence for his terroir, and the expression he gets from his grapes. With high scoring wines of red, white and rosé varieties in recent years, it seems that Jules is on an upward trajectory which very little could stop.

A full bodied, rich Cabernet Sauvignon wine like this is always going to find happy pairings at the dinner table. Cabernet Sauvignon is all about the structure - those fine tannins, that long taste, and those deep, intense fruit flavours that demand strong-tasting foods alongside them. It’s one of those wines that tastes great when served with almost any meat that has met smoke and fire; think braised chops and steaks, barbeques, richly-spiced roasts. Be bold, be strong, and you can’t go wrong.

Sommelier Notes

The Pays d’Oc is a large region covering much of southern France. It offers some of the world’s great vinous bargains, from a range of vineyards. This Cabernet comes from vines located in a region called Corbières, within the Languedoc.

This is medium-bodied, with some attractive green peppercorn aromas to accompany its notes of rich berry fruit and fine tannins. It offers depth along with a serious savoury edge.