Francois Labet Pinot Noir d'Ile Beaute (Corsica) 2013

Corsica - France

Francois Labet Pinot Noir d'Ile Beaute (Corsica) 2013


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Grape TypePinot Noir
Vintage Year2013
Wine MakerFrancois Labet
SweetnessBone Dry
TanninLow Tannin
Not too heavy or too rich, but versatile. Like your favourite shirt... it can go with almost everything.
FoodWhite Meat, Seafood, Lots of Herbs, Cheese, Lamb

This wine's story

If you were a legendary French winemaker who also loved the azure reflections of the Mediterranean sea, what would you do?

Head to Corsica, the French island paradise that still speaks the same language, of course. There he found the perfect place to grow Pinot amongst the sea breezed island’s rocky hilltops. It is there that he pioneered what is affectionately know as a ‘Mediterranean Burgundy'.

It’s a great match for Mediterranean food, which is a bit lighter and more acidic in nature… just like Pinot Noir. Think fresh fish, tomatoes, lamb, light cheeses and herbs and spices like rosemary and garlic.

Sommelier Notes

When one of Burgundy’s most respected winemakers decides to produce a pinot noir from the far-flung island of Corsica, you know it’s going to be something out of the box. What you probably don’t expect is a spicy, gluggable, tangy Pinot of real personality and poise.

Ultimately though, that’s exactly what Francois Labet has managed to do, and this Mediterranean pinot noir is both a surprise and a delight.

From high altitude vineyards on very rocky soils, this Pinot captures the herby wildness of the island of Corsica, whilst staying true to the identity of Pinot Noir.