Domaine La Florane A Fleur de Pampre Red 2013

Cotes Du Rhone - France


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Grape Type Red Blend
Vintage Year 2013
Wine Maker Domaine La Florane
Body Medium
Sweetness Bone Dry
Tannin Low Tannin
Acidity Low
Food Goulash, Spanish Cuisine, French Cuisine
Tastes Rich
Seasons Summer, Winter, Autumn, Spring, Cooler Months
Moods Adventurous, Creative

This wine's story

Domaine la Florane is an example of what the French do best - use exquisite land to produce grapes of amazing ripeness and expression, and then blend them using a combination of instinct, technique, and time-honoured tradition to produce exciting, memorable wines. This 35 hectare winery, situated in the Visan appellation of the beautiful Southern Rhone Valley has been making waves in recent years, thanks to their consistency in releasing genuinely fascinating bottles.

Now in its third generation, Domaine la Florane has started making wines for a new market in the twenty-first century, with an eye on the international wine drinking world. In 2001, it became a single-estate vineyard, and father and son Francois and Adrien set about turning their farming techniques over to organic and biodynamic methods. They firmly believe that this philosophy of zero intervention, using the Biodynamic approach of planting and picking according to the natural cycles of the moon, is the only way they can achieve maximum expression from their fruit.

The results are compelling enough - Domaine la Florane produce wines which are unmistakably Southern Rhone blends, and you can sense the hard work and dedication the family have put into every bottle. Their winery has been purpose built to make full use of gravity in the winemaking process, in order to reduce intervention even further, and they even went as far as to build most of their winery underground, to benefit from natural thermoregulation. So at Domaine la Florane, you have a fine mix of a hundred years of family tradition, meeting new ideas and natural approaches, leading to wines which are the very essence of the land.

This Cotes du Rhone blended wine is made from the classic Rhone blend of Grenache and Shiraz, with Grenache taking up 90% of the mix. As such, we have a beautifully balanced red wine, medium bodied, highly drinkable, with all that earthiness and complexity we’d expect from a biodynamic release. This wine goes really well with game meats like rabbit and pigeon, it suits rustic, homely flavours and fits particularly well with rural French and Spanish cuisine. It can handle a bit of spice - paprika, especially, and hearty stews like a Goulash would be perfect alongside this tempting red blend.

Sommelier Notes

An easy wine to love. "Boovability," says winemaker Adrien Fabre, "a wine you can just drink," – that is what this wine all about. "When blending, I place a bottle of this on my parents' dinner table. If the bottle is not finished in that meal, the blend is not right!"

This wine is fermented naturally in concrete and does not see any oak – this results in a beautifully pure and easy drinking style. Made from 90% Grenache and a splash of Syrah, its savoury edges and some bright florals give way to clean dark fruit - plums and cherries, with a lick of tannin at the end.