Capçanes 'Mas Donis' Garnacha Blanca 2014

Montsant - Spain

Capçanes 'Mas Donis' Garnacha Blanca 2014


Grape TypeWhite Blend
Vintage Year2014
Wine MakerCapçanes
SweetnessBone Dry
TanninLow Tannin
FoodSeafood, Salads
SeasonsSummer, Winter, Autumn, Spring, Cooler Months
MoodsAlways a winner

This wine's story

The beautiful DO of Montsant sits in the Spanish wine region of Tarragona, and has a history that stretches back to the very earliest days of viticulture on the Iberian Peninsula. Here, you find dedicated and talented vintners, using traditional methods and modern know-how to produce wines which are the very essence of their land, and which bring a touch of sunshine and distinctly Spanish passion to tables around the world. The winery of Cellar Capçanes is a fantastic example of a modern Montsant business, which has been producing its characterful and powerful wines since the 1930s. Cellar Capçanes started as a cooperative, in which five families pooled their resources to create wines which would serve the village in which they lived, and today, it is still going strong, using the same spirit of a small producer to reach a global audience.

Cellar Capçanes rose to its current position as a leading producer in Tarragona in the 1990s, when people became more interested in purchasing domaine-produced estate wines, which captured all the power and passion of the land on which they were made. The winery upped its game, with its sights trained on making waves beyond the village walls, and started employing new methods and being more selective about the grapes which ended up in the bottle. When its high quality, clay rich soils were put to the test, and the winemakers became more meticulous in their approach, the results were truly phenomenal. The use of old bush vines, and the winery’s dedication to low-intervention, low-yield viticulture brings a true taste of Spain to the bottle, bursting with authentic, fascinating flavours that represent this small yet significant DO beautifully.

Sommelier Notes

Capçanes (pronounced Cap-sar-ness) is in the region of Montsant, which surrounds the more famous and more expensive Priorat. It is both the name of the village and the name of its most famous wine producer. About half of all their vineyards are organic, with more vineyards converted to such each year.

The 2014 Mas Donis is made from predominantly Grenache Blanc (the white version of the more common Grenache!) and is characterised by an array of orchard fruits and meadow flowers. The palate has excellent richness and volume without sweetness. It’s nicely textured, really easy-going and finished with a zippy minerality that combines with the acidity to deliver freshness rathe than excessive heaviness for this full-bodied white.