Boomtown White 2016

Central Valley - Australia

Boomtown White 2016


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Grape TypeWhite Blend
Vintage Year2016
Wine MakerBoomtown
SweetnessBone Dry
TanninLow Tannin
SeasonsSummer, Winter, Autumn, Spring, Cooler Months
MoodsAlways A Winner

This wine's story

Fine art and fine wine have always gone hand in hand. Wine flowed freely through renaissance Italy, and no self respecting artist in 19th century France was seen without a half-drank bottle of Burgundy by their side. The same is true today, and it’s no surprise that those with an artistic flair are attracted to the world of viticulture. One such vintner is Jarad Curwood, who learned all about wine while working at a wine store in Melbourne during his fine arts degree. However, as a natural creative, he soon realised that he’d be far more comfortable making wines than he was talking about and selling them, and so, since 2011 he’s turned his artistic talents to winemaking, and is quickly gaining a devoted following due to the excellence of his produce.

Jarad is one of those Australian winemakers who uses his instincts and personalised sense of taste to drive his winemaking practices. Essentially, he makes the kind of wines he wants to drink himself. No formal training took place - he traveled around the Northern Rhone in France to develop his palate and pick up some classical winemaking tips, and undertook a short apprenticeship in Victoria, where he honed his craft and found his voice.

At the centre of the wines he makes - with his own label, the Boomtown Co-operative, or Chapter Wines, is Jarad Curwood’s free spirited approach to what he does - he knows he has a great plot of land with which to work, and his faith in his grapes allows him to let the vines do what they do best, and produce fruit which is remarkably expressive and capable of manifesting his vision in a bottle. Although hesitant to call himself a ‘natural’ winemaker, he believes in absolute minimal intervention and organic methods, as for him, this is the only way he can produce the sorts of wines he loves the most.

Sommelier Notes

The idea behind the Boomtown Wine Cooperative is to focus on making delicious wines from Central Victoria, without being varietal or vineyard orientated. This is a textural white blend that is weighty without being oaky, a little oily and highly aromatic.

This vintage has Sauvignon Blanc from the Pyrenees, Pinot Gris from Bendigo and Riesling and Viognier from Heathcote. Jarad Curwood is the main winemaker here, ably assisted by Tim and Pat. Together, this trio are making some of this part of Victoria’s most interesting wines.

The flavours are a blend of tropical fruits like guava and melon, melded with some delicious herbal tones of fresh mint and nettle. It finishes with a kick of acidity to bring you back for more.