BK Car Bomb Pinot Noir 2016

Adelaide Hills - Australia

BK Car Bomb Pinot Noir 2016


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Grape TypePinot Noir
Vintage Year2008
Wine MakerBK Wines
SweetnessBone Dry
TanninLow Tannin
Not too heavy or too rich, but versatile. Like your favourite shirt... it can go with almost everything.
Pinot Noir is one of the great versatile wines of the world, famed for going well with a really wide range of dishes. If I’m out with my partner - she likes fish, and I like my meat - we almost always go for a Pinot Noir, as it rarely fails to do the job. A lighter Adelaide Hills Pinot Noir like this one would be fantastic with loads of meat dishes, as well as picnic favourites like cured meats and cheeses. For me, it would be really quite perfect with a pea, goat’s cheese and ham risotto.
FoodWhite Meat, Seafood, Cheese

This wine's story

If you want to know what the quality Australian viticulture scene looks like from the point of view of the new generation of wine drinkers, then look no further than BK Wines. They present themselves as the rebel face of the wine world, as proud outsiders, whose social media savvy, bold branding and line of starkly designed merchandise are gaining them new fans every day. However, this isn’t a case of style over substance - Brendan and Kirsty Keys, who set up BK in 2007, have a passion for wine and great produce that can’t be faked.

The Keys’ fascination for great winemaking was inspired by their travels to the New World’s best wine regions; they scoured New Zealand, California and Argentina to pick up techniques which they knew one day they’d put into practice. Upon returning to their native Australia, they felt sure their vision would be best realised in the Adelaide Hills, a region which has nonconformity at its heart, and one where there are few preconceived ideas of what wine should be. In their single vineyard, they grow a variety of different grapes, and use a minimalist, open-minded approach which allows the fruit to do the talking. The couple use a range of traditional and alternative techniques to get the most from their grapes - flexibility and innovation are the key features the winery wants to explore - and their bottles have begun to catch the attention of the wider wine world and pick up accolades and praise.

Sommelier Notes

Brendon Keys is at it again. His Car Bomb Chardonnay proved to be incredibly popular, and so we’ve managed to obtain some of his Pinot from 2016 as well. This result is bold, direct, primal beast of a Pinot, full of sour cherry and bitter orange/Campari-like flavours.

A meaty, savory Pinot Noir with a distinct dried rose petal floral lift to the nose, this all carries through to the palate where we see gentle, fine tannins and bright, open fruit characteristics with just a tickle of that orange rind character.

The Adelaide Hills as a region is really producing some cracking wines of late, and Pinot is one of the most respected varieties in those parts – this fits the mould beautifully.