Artemis 'The Crux' Pinot Noir 2014

Southern Highlands - Australia


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Grape Type Pinot Noir
Vintage Year 2014
Wine Maker Artemis
Body Light
Sweetness Bone Dry
Tannin Low Tannin
Acidity Medium
Not too heavy or too rich, but versatile. Like your favourite shirt... it can go with almost everything.
Food Duck, Salads, Heavy Pasta
Tastes Light
Seasons Summer
Moods Excited

This wine's story

In the Artemis Winery there hangs a photo. The photo is of a tiny little church sitting in a little village overlooking the peaceful bay of Juliana in Croatia. The land this little church sits on was given to the church by the grandfather of the winemaker brothers, Anton and Mark.

This photo was the inspiration for their logo and goes a long way to explain their winery's ethos. These brothers mix their love for the old country's traditional old-world style with their love of the technological advancements of modern Australian wine making.

Pinot Noir is like the guest who knows and gets along with everyone at the party. They can flit in and out of conversations dropping witty comments and improving the conversation. In the food world this translates to being the go-to wine to match a wide range of foods from light salads to heavy pastas and especially the hard to match meats like duck.

Sommelier Notes

Their high altitudes and commitment to organic agriculture ensure that the wines are fresh, fragrant and harmonious. Their most recently released Pinot Noir is exuberant and full of fresh red fruit, whilst retaining a long line of lip-smacking acidity.