Ampel Pinot Noir 2015

Tamar Valley - Australia


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Grape Type Pinot Noir
Vintage Year 2015
Wine Maker Ampel
Body Light
Sweetness Sweet
Tannin Low Tannin
Acidity Low
Not too heavy or too rich, but versatile. Like your favourite shirt... it can go with almost everything.
Food Duck, Salmon, Tuna, Mushrooms, Green Vegetables
Tastes Light
Seasons Summer
Moods Excited

This wine's story

On the northern coast of Tasmania, nestled in the corner of the beautiful Tamar Valley, you’ll find a small, honest vineyard run by Gerald and Helen Phillips. Planted in 1998 on previously untouched scrubland, the Phillips’ vision was to produce outstanding Tasmanian wines which represented the very best of the region, and thanks to their dedication and the excellence of their terroir, their vision was quickly justified. Unpretentious, down-to-earth and sustainable, the vineyard is treated and tended less like a business, and more like a front yard - essentially, because that is more or less what it is. The homely approach the Phillips take to their wine comes across in their produce, too: there is little intervention, and they are interested primarily in the quality of their fruit, which grows to outstanding levels of ripeness and expresses superb fruit flavours.

From this vineyard project comes Ampel - a label created with the specific intention of bringing affordable, quality Tasmanian wines to a wider audience. The wine itself is made by Jeremy Dineen of Josef Chromy Wines - a big name in the Tamar Valley and elsewhere in Australia, known for delivering superb wines made from the finest, most characterful Tasmanian grapes.

Pinot Noir, thanks to its lighter body and fruity flavours, is one of those red wine grape varietals which pairs happily with a very wide range of foods. The bright, berry fruit flavours in a good Australian Pinot Noir allow it to match up fantastically with duck and mushroom based dishes, as well as meaty, fatty fish dishes of salmon and tuna. It’s the perfect wine to drink casually with big family roast chicken dinners, as it faces up to a wide range of meaty flavours while still being delicate enough to not overpower green vegetables.

Sommelier Notes

Seriously good stuff here - all the hallmarks of classic and classy Pinot Noir. Loads of ripe raspberry, blueberry and dark spices, mixed in with lemongrass and other fresh, green notes. Beautifully balanced and with serious structure, this is a not a flimsy Pinot, but one with real depth and purity. Elegant and finely weighted, the wine continues to open up and reveal further pleasures….a real charmer!