Altos de San Esteban La Perra Gorda Mencia 2014

Bierzo - Spain


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Grape Type Red Blend
Vintage Year 2014
Wine Maker San Esteban
Body Light
Sweetness Dry
Tannin Low Tannin
Acidity Low
Food Duck, Cured Meat, Risotto, Steak, Blood Sausage
Tastes Salty
Seasons Autumn
Moods Always a winner

This wine's story

Spain is a fantastic country for wine, and the best Spanish wines do all they can to display not only the quality of Spanish land, but also the passion and fire their people are renowned for throughout the world. Altos de San Esteban comes from a winery which manages to do exactly that - distil the nature of Spanish viticulture in the bottle, and display to the world what makes this land particularly special.

Altos de San Esteban produces wine which is made by real wine lovers. The guys involved - principally Manolo Marquis - has this as his passion project; his day job is as a medic, but he has viticulture in his blood and comes from a line of vine growers of real distinction. The idea for this winery was to use a small site, split it between noble grape varietals such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, and then do things the old fashioned way. Nestled between the arid hillsides of central Spain, here we find no herbicides, no chemical nasties… just top quality vines, sensational fruit, and a lot of hard work and dedication to excellence and expression of this historic wine-producing landscape.

This is a blended wine made from 90% Mencia, 5% Cabernet Sauvignon and 5% Merlot grape varietals. Mencia is a relatively little known grape varietal, and is one which is only really grown on the Iberian Peninsula. It produces beautifully rounded wines, relatively light in body (similar to a Pinot Noir, perhaps) and bursting with soft fruit flavours such as cherries, pomegranates and red currant. It also often has a pronounced peppery taste, making it a fascinating wine to pair with food.

Generally, Mencia is served with deeply savoury dishes, which bring out its pepperiness and sharp fruit profile. Think deep, dark mushroom risottos and charred steak served with creamy pepper sauces. It also goes beautifully with game dishes, duck and cured meats and blood sausages.

Sommelier Notes

Altos de San Esteban (bit of a mouthful…) produce brilliantly vivid and detailed wines of lip-smacking intensity and purity from high in the Bierzo mountains, in the north-western reaches of Spain. La Perra Gorda (the chubby little dog on the label) is made from a local grape variety called Mencia. Bright, perfumed and fluid, this is a wine for lovers of Pinot Noir, but with some added muscle.