Who We Are

We take the complexity and confusion out of learning, exploring and, most importantly, drinking delicious bottles of wine.

What we’re building

We are building a wine brand that is simultaneously remarkable yet inclusive. A place where our winesquad can learn as much or a little as they wish. All while enjoy amazing independently made bottles of wine.

Why we started

We wanted to provide a place where people can step into a world of wine they haven't completely felt a part of. A place where we can have a two way conversation about wine and their personal tastes, on any level from first-timer to aficionado.

what we stand for

We're proud to be an alternative to traditional wine retail. An alternative based on: Remarkable customer service. Beautifully simple user experience. Effortless convenience. And above all outrageously delicious wine.

But more than that, we're the combination of our thousands of amazing winesquad members: